why camp living wonders?

We created Camp Living Wonders to fill a need in Jewish camping opportunities for children with developmental disabilities. We know the difference camp can make.


At summer camp children try new adventures, learn to appreciate nature and discover who they really are, away from classrooms and parents. At Jewish summer camp children also gain a passion for Jewish life.


At Jewish, special needs summer camp children also develop independence, Jewish pride, make developmental strides and form extraordinary bonds with campers and staff. At camp, there is an opportunity to achieve around every corner.


The benefits don’t stop with that final hug at the camp gate. Camp changes lives for campers and staff members who carry the Camp Living Wonders spirit back home and throughout the year.


There’s wonder in a canoe ride on a still lake ... in a new best friend ... in a child’s happy smile.


Thanks for your interest in 

Camp living  Wonders.

Camp Living Wonders (CLW) is the Southeast’s only Jewish overnight camp built exclusively for
the benefit of children and young adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Our camp offers a safe, caring overnight experience for high-functioning Jewish campers ages 7-25
with cognitive and developmental disabilities including but not limited to:
Autism and spectrum disorders (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, Tourette’s Syndrome,
Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Fragile X Syndrome,
and LD/ADD/ADHD/NoDD with behavioral components.

Camp Living Wonders looks and feels like camp should. Our facility is rustic yet accessible, with comfortable cabins (equipped with bathrooms), an open-air dining hall, and an on-site medical facility. 

Our extraordinary staff, which includes experts in special needs education, delivers a summer filled with life-skill development, Jewish culture, nature,


Safety is our number one priority. Keeping your child happy and protected is our most important job.



© 2016 Camp Living Wonders


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