There is nothing more important to us than your child’s safety and well-being. We care for your children like we care for our own – balancing exciting new experiences with appropriate caution.


Our full-time summer staff includes doctors, nurses, special education teachers, psychologists, counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and therapeutic recreationalists.  


We also employ specialists in nature and the arts, rabbinical students, and siblings of kids with special needs.  Our young, energetic, creative, crazy-fun counselors bring excitement, enthusiasm, and empathy to our program.


The people who work at Camp Living Wonders are dedicated to working with the special needs population on a year-round basis. Even our youngest counselors arrive with volunteer experience.


Additionally, we screen each applicant carefully and hand pick the staff who will provide an impactful and safe camper experience.

our WONDERFUL staff

Our staff-to-camper ratio is an impressive (but essential)
1.2 staff to every 1 camper.
Staff Training

Prior to camper arrival, our staff spends a full week in training. Top practitioners from university special education departments ensure that our staff are set up for success.  


In addition to learning how to keep campers safe, our staff learns how to put our approach in to practice so campers return home more independent, more confident, and more able to integrate into their respective communities and families.


Staff development is an ongoing effort at CLW.  During the summer, our professional staff works with counselors and specialists to address concerns.  We hold staff development sessions during the week.  We also send key staff members to training conferences during the year.

our directors

Director, Noah Pawliger

Noah has dedicated his life to working with children with special needs. He experienced first-hand the unique impact camp has on kids  when he first attended overnight camp at age seven, and for kids with special needs when he was a young teen.


Challenged by a hearing impairment and learning disabilities, Noah struggled academically as a child.  But something clicked when he went to camp.  He was able to learn, gain confidence, and transfer the skills he gained to the post-camp world.


Noah founded Camp Living Wonders following 25 years as a camper, staff, specialist, and program director.  He uses camp as a vehicle to inspire young Jewish people to overcome limitations and labels.


Prior to starting Camp Living Wonders, Noah served as the director of a special needs program within a large, mainstream Jewish overnight camp. He is co-creator of a national Birthright Israel travel program that brings young adults with special needs to Israel for the first time.


Noah lead a team in the creation of Chabad Teen Network (C-Teen), an international program designed to increase Jewish involvement among teens.  He remains connected to Friendship Circle International, a Jewish program that pairs teenage volunteers with children with special needs for companionship, recreational opportunities, and parental assistance, of which he started and ran a chapter in Atlanta, Ga back in his single days.


Noah studied recreation management and therapeutic recreation at Georgia State University. Following his studies at GSU, he attended Yeshiva Tiferes Bochurim Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ and Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel.  Noah has established a solid reputation for always having his s’mores kit at the ready, and is generally more than happy to share s’mores and talk camp wherever, whenever, and has already begun teaching their wonderkiddos, Izzy and Chaya the art of the smore!

Educational Director, Chanie Pawliger

Chanie grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and spent 10 happy summers in the Catskill Mountains as a camper, counselor-in-training and staff member.  During those years, Chanie’s favorite camp activities were lakefront and color war, but her best memories of all are the shenanigans in the bunkhouse with her friends.


Chanie has one of the punniest senses of humor on the planet, loves a solid camp-made pizza, and has a passion for motorcylces, art parties, and being super-mom.  


Chanie has a Masters Degree in Special Education from Mercy College. During the school year, Chanie works passionately as a special educator in Atlanta, Georgia, with children with a wide range of abilities.  She has shaped her success as an educator on the firm belief in each individual's ability to overcome their current limitations, and focuses a great deal on the empowerment of her students both on a cognitive level as well as a social level.  She pours her heart and soul into each teachable moment and has shaped much of the CLW educational experience to be the amazing success that it is. 



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