Kids count on our daily schedule and look forward to special activities and fun surprises throughout the week. Mealtime is a joyous experience that nourishes body and soul, often infused with music, culinary creations from our very own campers, and tasty Kosher fare.


Campers learn to love the earth and what it provides at our Gan Ochel working farm. They swim, hike and tell stories by the campfire. They participate in therapeutic hippotherapy horseback riding, sports and the arts. They feel the glow as the sun sets behind the mountains and Shabbat arrives.

Life at camp is high-stimulation, low-tech and filled with daily wonders. Our program is built around the idea that “Every child is an entire world,” and that we should all have a child-like outlook on life, learning and engaging the world around us.


The fun activities at Camp Living Wonders mask our work to meet camper goals with laughter, accomplishment, creativity, and discovery.


After we greet the morning and head to the dining hall for breakfast, our campers leap into an action-packed day of excitement and learning.


Campers learn to love the earth and what it provides at our Gan Gedolot working farm. They swim, hike, and tell stories by the campfire. They participate in therapeutic hippotherapy horseback riding, sports, and the arts. Because we infuse our activities with Jewish values and lessons, campers live Judaism rather than just hearing about it.

Derech ha-teva/Nature Crafts/Gan Gedolot (The WONDERFARM!)

After a summer at Camp Living Wonders, even the most citified kid returns home eager to spend more time in natural settings. Our wilderness-first-aid-certified nature staff guide campers on creek hikes, group initiatives, climbing excursions (according to physical ability), campouts, cheese making from the goats we milk, and a blast on  our organic farm to table outdoor cooking.


Our fun and innovative aquatic program lets all campers enjoy the wonderful world of water. Through games and instruction, campers sharpen their skills and become more comfortable in the water. Lake activities include canoeing, kayaking, fishing, instructional swim, aqua therapy, water aerobics, free swim, and the Blob, a giant inflatable water pillow.


Healthy competition, teamwork, skill-building, self-discipline, fitness, and sportsmanship are among the outcomes of our awesome sports program. Customized for campers of all abilities, we get kids moving and having fun through sports like gaga (Israeli volleyball), basketball, soccer, tennis, karate, and Zumba.


Our Arts and Crafts program aims to combat the “in the lines” mentality, and encourages campers’ imaginations to run wild with color, materials, and media. Activities include tie die, clay hand building, finger painting, candle making, woodworking, jewelry making, and t-shirt design.


Every camper deserves a chance to bask in the spotlight. Our talented and fun cultural arts staff helps campers explore their talents as actors, DJs, dancers, comedians, and singers. Activities include drama, dance, music, sing-alongs, talent shows, drum circle, Havdallah, and cooking.


At camp, Judaism is not a date on a calendar or a page in a prayer book. It’s the daily joy of connecting with something bigger than any of us and may manifest in something as small as a discovering the detail and beauty in a leaf or getting a hug from a new friend.


Camp Living Wonders embraces campers from all walks of Jewish life, regardless of denomination. Camp brings the joy and wonder of Jewish life to children who may have never before braided a challah or heard the Shema as well as to campers who celebrate Shabbat every week.


Staff and campers return home proud to share their new zest for Jewish life with their family, friends, and communities.

judaism at clw

At Camp Living Wonders we live, eat, and breathe a hands-on Jewish experience unlike any other.


Rather than teaching campers about Judaism in the typical classroom setting, we infuse Judaism and Jewish values into all of our camp activities.

Many of our campers begin the summer as decent swimmer and go home stronger, more confident swimmers.  While canoeing or toweling off we talk about the Jewish significance of water as a metaphor new beginnings.


Morning teambuilding activities focus each day on the concept of Ahavat Yisrael, loving your fellow as yourself.


While tending to the camp garden, campers learn how food provides us with energy we need to make the world a better place and how sharing food connects people and strengthens community.


While playing soccer we reinforce the concepts of sportsmanship and teamwork

Many of our activities include more overt Jewish themes.


We make tzedekah boxes at arts and crafts to teach campers about generosity  


We learn the blessings over food to emphasize the importance of gratitude


We discuss the Jewish holidays and talk about the importance of Israel as a Jewish homeland


We celebrate each Shabbat with a camper-prepared pot luck dinner in which each cabin makes a dish and explains its significance. Campers experience the joy of contributing to the group and appreciate food more.  They bring home recipe cards at the end of the summer to share their new appreciation for Shabbat with family and friends.


Shabbat is a relaxing day that may include a nature walk, meditation, or traditional camp services each camper can select based on his/her capabilities or personal preferences. We finish the day with a community Havdalah around a bonfire complete with s’mores.




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