Camp is a magical experience for many children, and all the more so for special children, who may have been shunned or even bullied during the school year. For children with developmental disabilities, Camp Living Wonders may be the only place where they are the strongest, the brightest, and the most wanted on a team.


Camp Living Wonders provides a safe and judgment-free place to explore and learn. Campers and counselors celebrate wins of all sizes -- from riding a horse for the first time to eating a new vegetable.


Many of our campers' parents have been told "please don't bring your child back to synagogue,” “he is just too wild/too much of a distraction," or "we simply can't build a whole Hebrew school program just for your child."


Camp Living Wonders rebuilds the road to community involvement and inclusion through fun activities that accomplish clear goals.


Camp Living Wonders serves Jewish children ages 7 and up
from across the U.S. who have
cognitive and developmental disabilities

including but not limited to:

Autism and spectrum disorders    Down’s Syndrome    Fragile X Syndrome   

Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)    Asperger’s Syndrome    Tourette's Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy    LD/ADD/ADHD/NoDD with behavioral components

*At Camp Living Wonders, "high-functioning" children are in the middle ground between those who are of typical functioning and those with profound disabilities.  Our campers are able to feed themselves, require minimal assistance in the toilet and shower, and can communicate their needs on a basic level.  Our campers are not a danger to themselves or to others.



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