pack list

The following pack list includes all the essentials for any of our sessions.  19-day campers will do laundry twice during the session.

CLW will be using CampMeds for our camper's medication.

Parents will need to register (the registration will open Feb 20,2016) LINK


FAQ'S for CampMeds can be found HERE


What are the BENEFITS of using CampMeds?

·Ensures that every camper gets the correct medication and dosage, at the right time and on the right day. 

The risk of medication errors are reduced 

Multi-dose packaging system allows several pills to be packaged together if they need to be given at the same time. 

Provides a sanitary environment for dispensing. 

Increases efficiency of camp staff and medical personnel 

Medication administration time is reduced allowing campers to return to activities sooner. 

Small, portable packaging; great for day or overnight trips. 

Latest in automated technology


Sleeping bag

Sheets: two fitted, two flat

Pillow and pillowcase

3 towels

Closed-toe shoes

Athletic shoes

Shoes that can get wet

2 swimsuits

12 pairs of underwear

12 pairs of socks

10 pairs of shorts/pants/skirts

10 t-shirts

One pair of jeans or pants for nature activities and campouts

A sweatshirt or light sweater

3 pairs of PJs (one warm)

Poncho or raincoat


White clothes for Shabbat


Bug repellent


Hat and/or bandana for sun protection

Paper, writing utensils, and pre-stamped envelopes

Laundry bag

Water bottle or camelback (lots of kids use the straw from the camelback as a chew toy and the backpack part keeps them cool when filled with a cool beverage)

Camera (not a camera phone)

Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

Gardening gloves

Non-electronic, multi-player games (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugio)


Siddur – please order online prior to camp

VERY IMPORTANT:  To remain true to our philosophy and mission, campers should not bring electronic toys like video games and iPads as these items diminish opportunities to connect with other campers.  

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