When it comes to the impact of Camp Living Wonders, our camper parents say it best:

“It's November, and our daughter cannot stop talking about going back to Camp Living Wonders next summer. She came back from camp with a surge of independence (“I can do it myself!”), a love of nature (and bugs!), a willingness to try new things ("I'm going to climb that!"), and an overall much improved self-esteem. As a mother of a child with "issues" that keep her outside of the "normal" box, but not fully in the "special needs" box either, it is such a miracle to find a camp for a kid somewhere in the middle.”

Miryam S., Camper Parent, Brooklyn, NY


“Before he went to camp our son of put up a lot of shields to protect himself from other people, but when he came back, a lot of those shields were lowered.  We felt like we could get closer to him because of it.  He’s never had that kind of connection to anything that he’s done, the way he does to this camp.”

Laura M., Camper Parent, Atlanta, GA


“Andrew has only WONDERFUL things to say about his camp experience!! He said, ‘Mom, it was like a dream and an amazing adventure! Going into the woods, the cabins, great food, and best of all, the friends I made!’ We are thrilled that this was such a successful trip! He seems more confident and responsible.  Thank you again for your dedication to helping kids with challenges build their self-esteem.” Janis Z., Camper Parent, Houston, TX


“Before Zach went to camp, the thoughts of independent living and raising a family didn’t really cross his mind.  Now, Zach can envision a day when he will get married.... live on his own…as a realistic possibility and goal.”

David and Jill S., Camper Parents, Miami Beach, FL

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